Irish Indie Challenge

You’ve heard about the onegameamonth challenge. Well, I’ve decided to take it to the next level. In the interests of furthering my skills in various things I’ve always wanted to get better at, I’m kicking it up a notch. I invite anyone who wishes to take part in this super-challenge with me. We’re doing the onegameamonth; but we’re doing it Irish-style.


Iandioch’s Irish Indie Challenge 2013

Here are the rules:

  1. As it is an extension of onegameamonth, I’ll need to make, and release/upload, at least one game every month, for a total of twelve games in 2013. BUT, there’s more.
  2. All of those games must be in Irish. It’s a fantastic language, a portal into the past and a view of life in ancient Ireland. It’s our culture and our history, and none of us can speak it. I find that a crying shame. But, none of us are suddenly going to jump on the Irish-train any time soon without a little incentive. So in the coming year, I will make 12 games exclusively in Irish. My hope is that they will be games that people will want to play despite the language. Games that will encourage people to learn the language (or even teach them a few words!) Also, because all of the games will be as Gaeilge, I’ll need to write all the tutorials, levels, instructions and dialogue in it too. Hopefully it’ll all improve my Irish, which is a bonus! (If anyone else wants to do my Indie Challenge but doing Irish doesn’t really suit, feel free to do it in any other language you’ve always wanted to learn. It’ll give you a good kick up the backside to get going and learn it!)
  3. The twelve games must be done in at least 6 different langauges/tools, with at most 2 games per language. I can do Processing with my eyes closed, but I need to push out of my comfort zone. Twine, GameMaker, HaXe, Flash,  Java, Python, C – I’ve wanted to make games in all of these, and now is my chance. By the end of the year, I’ll be able to make a game in 6 completely different environments, and I’ll be much better off because of it. Perhaps I’ll find a new love?
  4. Each of the 12 games must have different aesthetics. Programming is only a tiny bit of making a game, you need so many other skills make something you’d be proud of. Art is one. But it’s something I never practice. Some of the things I’m thinking of doing are pixel art, “programmer” art, Hexels-style art, black/white, hand-drawn, no art (text adventure?), a game with the NES limitations, a game using nothing but stock photos for graphics, a game using just one single colour (in various shades), a game using only in-code graphics (ellipse() and rect() and such), graphics with no filled shapes but just lines – and one game where I’m not the artist, but actually have a partner (so they can choose the art style). Any other suggestions, feel free to spam me!
  5. Each of the twelve games must be in a different genre. I feel as though all I’ve made are top-down or arcade shooters. I need to diversify. So I’ll need twelve genres for the twelve games. This is going to be crazy.
  6. At least three of the games must be for mobile phones. I really hate mobile games (tiny screen, no buttons, made for quick bursts of gameplay), so it should be a good experience to make a few games for it. Restrictions are apparently good for creativity, so let’s see where this takes me.
  7. One of the games must be commercial. It must be for sale, for real money. Once I have a game out and for sale, I’ve done it; I’ve succeeded. I’m an official indie. This is the year it’s going to happen, and this challenge is perfect for it.

I invite anyone else to join me for the Irish Indie Challenge (#irishindiechallenge)! It’s going to be a crazy year, but what better way to get into gamedev than to jump in the deep end? Can’t do it in Irish? Do it in Klingon, Pig Latin, Swahili – whatever language you like, but it’ll be more fun if it’s not your native tongue!

So here we go. It’s official. I’m going to do a crazy jam for a year in the hopes of furthering my skill and hoping to make a real game next year. In summary:

12 games, in 12 different genres, in 12 different art styles, using at least 6 different languages or tools, all in the Irish language. 3 must be for mobile, and one must be for sale. All finished by the 31st December, 2013.

I’ll try and keep a blog going about how I’m doing.

Here it is officially:

I hereby pledge to complete the Irish Indie Challenge 2013.



I’ll update this page as I go, with links to each of my monstrosities. If I manage more than one game a month, only one needs to follow these rules. That way, I can compete in jams with their own limitations, or have an opportunity to test out an idea in a genre I’ve already done. In any case, this challenge will be crazy.

Irish Indie Challenge 2013 Games:



Programming Language: Python (w/PyGame).

Art Style: Black and white, using nothing but ASCII characters.

Genre: Mathematical Puzzle, like Minesweeper.

Made during Folis’ 2-day New Year’s Game Jam. I started with Minesweeper, and went from there. Overall, I’m pretty happy with it`, but it would be nice to add walls the spy can’t go through, and a few other little things.

14 thoughts on “Irish Indie Challenge

  1. That’s a great idea Noah, fair play to you! Keep us in the loop with how it’s going! And if you news any help give us a shout!

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  3. Great idea! It’s tempting, but I think participating in onegameamonth & doing 12 games is already more than a bit too much for me. I’m going to try to diversify, too, though.

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